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Young Man with a Rosary

Young Man with a Rosary, 1500-1550

Adriaen Isenbrandt
Flemish, c.1490-1551
Oil on canvas, transferred to panel
16-3/4 x 12-1/2 in. (42.5 x 31.8 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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One of the more enigmatic sixteenth-century Flemish painters influenced by Gerard David (whose work may be viewed to the right), Adriaen Isenbrandt produced a body of work that is typified by small-scale, wistful portraits and devotional images. In this painting, the sitter appears against a neutral green background holding a rosary decorated with bells. This bust-length portrait probably formed the right wing of a diptych that when open, presented the sitter facing a devotional image of the Virgin and Christ Child—more specifically the Virgin of the Rosary—to whom he would appear to be repeating prayers. The condition of the work has suffered as a result of several transfers: from panel to canvas, then back to panel.

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Artist: Isenbrandt, Adriaen 1 of 1