Bathsheba, late 1660s

Jan Steen
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J. van Zaanen (sale The Hague, 16 November 1767, lot. 16, paired with lot 17, "Ascanius and Lucilla").
Possibly van Slingelandt collection, The Hague.
Marquis of Bute, London, by January 1800- still in 1938.
[Galerie Internationale, The Hague (H. Maas), 1938.]
[Firma D. Katz, Dieren, by 1938? Sold 2 August 1940 [stated to be sold under duress to];
[Goudstikker/Miedl, Amsterdam (inv. no. 5238), sold through];
[Galerie Almas, Munich, to];
Linz Collection (no. 1108), Reichskanzlei 17 October 1940. Recovered and transported to; Munich Collection Point, Munich nr. 2349 (or 2348), who returned it to the Dutch government in Dutch run nr. 15 (transport VI USFET). Returned by Dutch Government 13 November 1947 to;
[Nathan Katz (1893-ca.1950), The Hague (sale, Paris, Galerie Charpentier, 7 December 1950, lot. 58, for ff. 480,000)].
[Cramer Oudekunst, The Hague];
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