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Portrait of Madame de Cromot de Fougy

Portrait of Madame de Cromot de Fougy, 1786

Antoine Vestier
French, 1740-1824
Oil on canvas, oval
38 x 29-3/4 in. (96.5 x 75.6 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation

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This engaging portrait has been identified as the youthful, and recently wed Madame de Cromot de Fougy (born Mlle. Guillaudieu de Plessis). Her husband, Anne-David Cromot de Fougy, held the appointment of financial minister to the Count de Provence, one of the hereditary titles of the French monarchy.Appearing happy and at ease, Madame de Cromot is smartly outfitted, from the crown of roses that sits atop her coiffed and powdered hair to her silken skirt, which Vestier captured using a refined technique of glazes. The green and gold embroidered sash tied high on her waist, along with the transparent muslin bodice that delineates her bosom, are likely meant to evoke the drapery style of classical Greek sculpture. The pushed up sleeves of her blouson communicate a fresh note of informality.

Vestier was a successful society portraitist and his 18th century patrons were eager to avail themselves of this luxury. Madame Cromot’s portrait gives vivid expression to the intimacy, sophistication, and self-awareness of Parisian society at this moment.

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