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Portrait of Don Diego Gomez de Sandoval Y Rojas, Count of Saldana

Portrait of Don Diego Gomez de Sandoval Y Rojas, Count of Saldana, c. 1598

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz
Spanish, 1551-1608
Oil on canvas
73 x 41-1/8 in. (185.4 x 104.5 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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Don Diego Gomez de Sandoval (c. 1578–1632) was the son of King Philip III’s chief minister, and attained the title of Count upon his marriage to the Condesa de Saldaña in 1604. In one of the only known portraits of this nobleman, de Sandoval wears etched armor that dates to around 1560, which Pantoja (or someone in his workshop) copied meticulously. The artist’s last testament recorded in October 1608 mentions an unfinished, full-length portrait of the Count of Saldaña, and the painter’s after-death inventory of the following month indicates that the portrait was still in his studio. We do not know if the painting was unfinished at that point, but nevertheless the artist signed the work himself.

This painting was once part of the vast collection of Philip, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France (1624–1723). Its inventory number from that important colletion—472—is seen beneath the table, just above the artist’s signature.

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