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Portrait of a Young Noblewoman

Portrait of a Young Noblewoman, c. 1629

Daniel Mytens the Elder
Dutch, 1590-1642
Oil on canvas
77 x 48-1/2 in. (195.6 x 123.2 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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This painting was attributed to the Spanish painter Juan Carreño de Miranda (1614–85) when it appeared at auction in New York in 1907. By the time it entered the Duveen stock in 1944, it was attributed to Daniel Mytens, a Dutch painter active at the English court of King James I from 1618 to 1634. The sitter was identified as Elizabeth Stuart (1596–1662). The perception that the sitter was Elizabeth, who would become the Queen of Bohemia and was King James’s first-born and only surviving daughter, is largely based on the single lock of hair hanging down from her neck, which was Elizabeth’s personal hallmark. Many of the members of her court and beyond adopted the whimsical hairstyle. Her costume, however, with its abundance of fine, detailed lace and jewels, defines her as a high-status woman of great wealth and power.

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