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Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis

Madonna and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis, c.1500

Francesco Raibolini called il Francia
Italian, c.1450-1517
Oil on panel, transferred to canvas, retransferred to panel
24-3/4 x 18-5/8 in. (62.9 x 47.3 cm)
The Norton Simon Foundation
© The Norton Simon Foundation

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Francia, a native of Bologna, was born into a family of painters and goldsmiths. His paintings are technically accomplished and his rich, high-key coloring was praised by Vasari, the Renaissance biographer of the artists, who noted that “people ran like mad to see them.” Altarpieces, especially those representing the Virgin and Child enthroned with Saints, were his specialty. Stylistically eclectic, the artist absorbed contemporary developments from Venice, Florence and Umbria, as well as Flemish painting. Here, the importance of his two Umbrian counterparts, Perugino and Raphael, are evident in the tender, poetic expression of Francia’s figures. This intimate sacra conversazione (a ‘holy conversation’ between the Madonna, Child and Saints,) where the Child is presented on a parapet, is representative of the type of private devotional images found in homes and convents.

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